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Translated by Soline Lacroix




Tree climbing


This discipline offers the opportunity to climb in the trees, to move from branch to branch safely using  strings, harnesses, karabiners… supervised by qualified instructors.

Of course, it’s a way of discovering nature, but also and above all oneself.

In psychomotricity, the major themes like coordination, dissociation, sensations in a broad sense, balance, self-surpassing and self-improvement… may be highlighted and developed according to and in adequacy for each one.




This space is especially created and furnished for using the sensations:

  • Auditory, with a harmonious musical and acoustic atmosphere.
  • Visual, with soft interior design, dim lights, luminous pillars filled with water and bubbles, many colors
  • Tactile, with the use of various materials and coating presenting different sense of touch, of the breath of the air…
  •  Olfactory, with the spreading of essential oils for instance.

In a Snoezelen space the furniture is fully adapted to sit, to lie, to facilitate the move, to relax and to be able to « feel » his body.

Everything is done for the patient to be in a sensorial exploration situation, through a space organization based on the well-being.

The psychomotor therapist may use this tool and coach their patients for the optimal utilization according to the take in care specificity. The space offers them a containing frame and a privileged psychocorporal approach.



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