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GAMES in Psychomotricity : Animation movies by Laurent Bonnotte with Françoise Giromini’s participation

Translated by Camille Baud 



Gesture World of the psychomotricity:

a project of animation and multimedia education




Game in psychomotricity

(Françoise Giromini & L. Bonnotte)


The psychocorporal commitment in the neurodriving mazes

(Laurent Bonnotte)

We invite you to discover these animations of a budding project, at the border of sciences and arts.

Gesture-World of psychomotricity is a way to illustrate the entanglement between the theory and the clinic.

Here, multimedia offers us creative possibilities, not to substitute itself for classes or practice, but rather to put them forward.

Gesture –World of psychomotricity is an experience, a look on complex movements which weave between the objective and subjective trend at the heart of the profession. 


You can see the video "Game in psychomotricity",  English subtitles are comming soon.

Le jeu dans le développement de l'enfant from Laurent Bonnotte on Vimeo.

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