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Translated by Amélie Jayet


To play is a job, to make one play is an art! Ph.S

You’ll find in these tabs many texts and explanations about psychomotricity and written by different professionnals.

You can also find information (in French) on the website of the French federation of psychomotricity  :

Soon will be available on this page…video clips, slideshows…showing different views of a psychomotricien’s job.


Since October 2011 !!!


sous la direction de Scialom P., Giromini F., Albaret J-M.  (Vol 1 only in French, Chinese, Spanish)

3 vol. are yet published, The last one will be finished in december 2017.


Soon will be translated in english we hope


This manual is for students and professionnals.

This collaborative work includes all the fondamental elements of psychomotricity, actualized by 35 specialists representing different views and schools from France and abroad.


1. Studies in psychomotricity – Mathilde Gavalda

Translated by Audrey Athlan-Liénard


The psychomotricity is a paramedical profession as well as physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.

The concept of psychomotricity reflects the constant connection between the body and psyche, two entities that were often thought separately.

The interest in psychomotricity and recognition of its effectiveness led to the creation of state psychomotrician diploma in 1974 and a decree of competence (attachment). The state diploma is required to exercise. The psychomotrician comes in screening, prevention and treatment of psychomotor disorders.


As in medicine or pharmacy, there is a numerus clausus limiting the passages in the first year. Access to psychomotor studies is indeed conditioned by the success of an entrance examination (including a biology test and a French test) organized by each Training Schools and reserved to holders of the Baccalaureate.


Several training centers, public and private, exist in France, two in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille and Les Mureaux (78) recently.


The training lasts three years. It includes the acquisition of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, neurophysiology, pediatric but also in teaching, clinical and experimental psychology, psychiatry and psychomotricity. In parallel, a practical education is provided in order to understand the concepts of touch, relaxation, mediation, listening while developing a better awareness of our body and of the report to the body in the care.

2. How to become PSYCHOMOTRICIAN ? Laurene Blanchet

The Psychomotricien State Diploma is issued after three years of studies in one of the seven institutions approved by the Ministry of Education and available on contest (Biology and French) in France:






ISRP / Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice

  • 9 bis, Rue du Bouquet de Longchamp

75116 Paris

Tel : 01 47 04 22 03


  Faculté de médecine Pierre et Marie Curie

  • Site Pitié-Salpêtrière

91, Boulevard de l'Hôpital

75634 Paris Cedex 13

Tel : 01 40 77 98 44



Les Mureaux (78

Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Meulan

Les Mureaux, Pôle Formation, Site de Bécheville,

1 rue Baptiste Marcet


Website :




Université Paul Sabatier

Institut de Formation de Psychomotricité

Secrétariat des Techniques de Réadaptation

133, Route de Narbonne

31062 Toulouse Cedex 9

Tel : 05 62 88 90 42




Institut de Formation de Psychomotricien Raymond-Leclercq de Lille

" Caducée "

Parc Eurasanté - Bâtiment E

57, Rue Salvador Allende

59120 Loos

Tel : 03 20 17 21 40





13, Rue Chape

13004 Marseille

Tel : 04 91 34 13 41


LYON (69)


Institut des Sciences et Techniques de la Réadaptation de Lyon (ISTR)

Département de Psychomotricité

8, Avenue Rockfeller

69313 Lyon

Tel : 04 78 77 70 83

The competition consists of two written tests of two hours each, one of BIOLOGY and the other TEXT RESUME.


The establishment of Bordeaux does not recruit by competition, but at the end of the PAES (first year of health studies), ex-PCEM 1.

Website : 


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